The Alive & Free Home Group currently participates in the Alternate Service Informational Structure for Narcotics Anonymous which is created by, and directly responsible to the Narcotics Anonymous Home Groups it serves. ASIS is 100% subservient to the conscience of the Groups that direct this Traditions-based service structure through the annual Fellowship Service Conference, currently held at Hamburg, Pennsylvania in the United States.

ASIS and the annual FSC operate on the Traditional principle of Trusted Service, rather than conceptual reinterpretations such as "effective leadership" .  The Alive & Free Home Group flatly rejects the NAWS Concepts as a renegotiation of our non-negotiable Traditions.  We have no official affiliation with, nor have we ever joined any service bodies that employ the NAWS Concepts, or that violate the Sixth Tradition by lending the NA name to the NAWS corporation.  We do, however share information and cooperate with all NA Groups in our immediate area in a true spirit of unity -- in which autonomy is not only respected, but paramount.




The Alive & Free Home Group happily offers NA recovery literature for download FREE OF CHARGE to any and all addicts seeking freedom from active addiction, as we have never delegated any of our autonomy or authority to a corporation, placed the literature the members and Groups own into any so-called "trust", nor do we believe the Traditions give any Groups or service bodies authority to delegate away the rights of future NA Groups. 

If you are an addict seeking recovery and are in need of real by-addicts-for-addicts literature, written without the distraction of professionalism, ego (effective leadership), and profit motives you have come to the right place! 



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​"Narcotics Anonymous is a Fellowship of men and women; addicts meeting in groups and using a given set of spiritual principles to find freedom from addiction and a new way to live. All else is not N.A."

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